Residential Cleaning

PureClean specializes in residential cleaning, and we'd be happy to walk through your home with you to discuss your needs.  At that time we can give you an estimate based on the size of the job and our hourly rate, which we will go over with you.  We also offer an air quality assessment for only $10, which will let you know if there are areas of concern that need to be addressed.  Whatever your concerns are, we are committed to working with you to find optimal, affordable and timely resolutions!


Deep Cleaning

If you have your day to day cleaning under control, let us do the really dirty work. We provide deep cleaning services to reach the places you might have missed. We offer a variety of add-on services such as windows, removal of cobwebs and dust from hard-to-reach places, refrigerators and cabinets!  Or how about a floor to ceiling "flush" of the bacteria and germs in your bathroom, using chemical-free cleaners that won't leave toxic residues! Let us tackle those "punch-list" items you just can't get around to!


money-saving packages and gift certificates

Sometimes you just want someone to group things together so you don't have to search and select from so many options.  Our two most popular packages are listed below and are offered at a savings of 10%.  We offer seasonal and/or holiday specials -- look for them on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mypureclean1/

Also available are gift certificates , the perfect gift for just about anyone!



There are times when everyone seems to just keep getting sick...that's the time to call PureClean and ask for the "Germinator!" We will focus on areas where germs are most commonly spread -- the kitchen and bathrooms!  Using Shaklee's hospital-grade disinfectant, We will clean and disinfect the surfaces in your family's bathrooms. Next we will tackle the kitchen  using the silver technology in Norwex cloths  to stop bacterial growth.

the dustbuster

Go for the "Dust-buster" when dust and dander are irritating your respiratory system.  The kids are coughing, Mom's asthma's at an all-time high and all of a sudden Dad's allergy's to the family pets are out of control.  What to do? Call PureClean! We can remove up to 99% of the dust and dirt that's settled on your surfaces and trapped in your rugs and upholstery using the latest technology, like HEPA filtered vacuums and microfiber cloths!

dust mites

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