PureClean Mission Statement

PureClean aims to improve air quality in the home by removing dust, dirt and germs using innovative and chemical-free products so everyone can breath easier!

Our Story

PureClean is the result of my need to educate myself and others about the importance of air quality in the home.  When 3 out of 4 of my grandchildren needed nebulizer treatments as infants, I wanted to know why!  It broke my heart to see them with those masks on, and it just seemed wrong somehow.  I decided to arm myself with the best arsenal of equipment I could find and launch an attack on whatever it was that was making my grandkids sick!

PureClean combines environmentally safe products with the latest technology to to take your home to a new level of clean.  Our cleaning service removes up to 99% of the dirt, dust and germs polluting your home, without harmful chemicals or artificial fragrance, leaving the air you breathe “pure” and “clean.”

Breath deep to the true smell of clean with “PureClean”

Let’s get you started..

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